A well of death...

"A thirteen year old girl was raped and later thrown in to a well.

A group of men were wandering the streets at a market on the outskirts of New Delhi when they caught sight of a lone girl and decided to kidnap her.

Discreetly they followed the girl around, and when the chance came pulled her into their car and drove off. 
Once the car stopped, she was dragged out of it and locked up in a dark room. The men held her prisoner and repeatedly took turns in raping her for the next two weeks.

When they decided that they had had enough they threw her into the back of the car again. In a secluded place they pulled over, dragged the girl out and shot her twice. The first bullet hit her leg, the second time she was shot in the chest and the young girl lost consciousness.

That's when the men decided to throw her into a well about three meters deep, convinced that she was already dead and wanting to get rid of the body.

Shortly after another girl was raped. The perpetrator wanted to get rid of all the evidence, so he set fire to the her and let her burn to death.

No other country in the world has more rapes than the world's largest democracy, India. 
Only last month another young girl was on her way home from school when three men attacked her. They raped her and hung her up in a tree. Her parents became concerned when she didn't come home after school, and went looking for her. 
They found their daughter dead, hanging from a tree branch.

Imagine their pain!

The Indian authorities are at a loss regarding the continuously occurring rapes, which takes place every day, 24/7... They choose to ignore the main issue, which is that anyone can completely legally walk into a brothel and rape and humiliate a 11-12 year old girl without any consequences. That's what creates this rape culture.

Hundreds of thousands of girls are stuck behind bars and are experiencing similar things every day. Completely forgotten.

Love Nepal are working to rescue these girls out of the sex trade industry.....Away from being raped.  
Follow our fight for their freedom on Facebook: Love Nepal

The girl in the well survived!
She had passed out but woke up cold and alone at the bottom of it. She screamed for help, and some people living nearby heard her  came to her aid and took her to the nearest hospital.

Nobody should have to go through what these girls do!
The girl in the well recently appeared on Indian television and spoke about what happened to her. Her wish is that more people would know about what happened to her and so many other young girls.

.....I'm certainly not gonna disappoint her!

Thank you for allowing her voice to be heard and spreading this cruel but important information on to the rest of the world.

/ Jonathan Alfven Love Nepal"

This is a translation from Swedish to English made by MrsH in cooperation with Love Nepal.
The intention is to help spread the word internationally, the more people we can reach out to with this the better the chances of rescuing these girls.


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