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Systematic torture!


Spare 5 minutes of your time to read this following text.

Because I have risked my life for these 5 minutes.

I find myself at a huge brothel area in Northern India that my colleagues and I have decided to look into. This is no ordinary red light district. This is more like a large prison camp for the cold-blooded killer.

I step out of the cab and look up on to the floors above. 
I can see the children around the age of ten standing behind the black iron barred windows. I can see some faces, but in other windows I only see small hands sticking out. 
Dressed in skimpy outfits they're forced to attract hundreds of men from the street below.

We stop and make eye contact with a guard. He lets us in. I turn to  the right and with horror notice the brothels name. 
Of all the hundreds of brothels found in this area, this is the same brothel as one of our rescued girls have come from.

This is where she was raped and assaulted thousands of times.
It was also in this same place that the police on three occasions conned her. They promised that she would be freed, but instead they raped her. 
On another occasion the brothel owner got tired of her three friends. He shot them all to death, and did so infront of the girl. They are now buried under cement at the brothel.

Eventually the little girl gave up. That's when they decided to torture her one last time. They rubbed chili powder in her wounds and gave her electric shocks. Afterwards they threw her out on the street to die.

Now here I am, standing on the same street with a lump at the back of my throat. 
"Jonathan, do not start crying! Because if you do, you will be dead within 5 seconds!!" 

There are no other places in India, where so many children dies without going noticed, as right here. 
Just a day ago, we were forced away from a similar area by two armed guards.

We're let in to the building and on the first floor we're greeted by 20-30 hollow eyed girls. Two of them came up to me and touched me. 
"What should I do?"
 I point to a girl. She grabs my hand, and together we walk into one of the tiny and cramped cells.

She locks the door, and I quickly explain that I am not here for the same reason as everyone else.... I'm here because I care about her. Over the next 20 minutes that we spend together she is transformed into an angel.
She recieved respect and got eye contact from a man who really loves her for who she is. Her eyes were filled with tears. 
Before I left she asks me to come back again. 
I'm doing everything in my power to hold my tears back as I'm writing this as we haven't been able to rescue her yet.

Please, we need to create a change! 
Maybe we're not able to stop the occurance of rapes and prostitution, but we can definitely put pressure on India....
....."The world's largest democracy". 
These brothel areas preforming this systematic torture of young girls, must be banished!

Please help me spread the word. Let this be read by thousands of people and allow the information to sneak into the corridors of power. 
Also please follow our work and "LoveNepals" struggle against brothels and let us never forget:

It could be our own daughters ...

/ Jonathan Alfven"

Translated from Jonathan Alfvens Swedish text with his consent to share.
Help me spread the word and follow "Love Nepals" devoted and sometimes dangerous work in rescuing these little girls from a life in total despair!



Detta är en översättning gjord från Jonathan Alfvens originaltext i syfte att nå ut till ännu fler samt sprida budskapet över hela världen.
En delning gör skillnad och ett bidrag likaså!


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"Happiness on the way"

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